Installation tips
Read "all" of these steps and watch the video.

Remove the seat & put the sideplate bolts back in... Graphics are easier to install with the plastic still on the bike.
With paper towel & lacquer thinner, clean the plastic thoroughly... Acetone or brake cleaner work well too.
Repeat the cleaning step with fresh paper towel & lacquer thinner.
Note: New plastics require cleaning too!

First install the front plate, front fender, swingarms, fork guards and then the rear fender.
Remove the decal from its backing sheet and loosely lay into position using any mounting holes or defining shapes as a guide.
Rub down with your finger a band along the middle of the decal then working your way outward to avoid trapping bubbles.
Be sure to press down firmly into all recesses as you go.

When you reach the edges you may have tight bends or puckering that will require the heatgun.
Don't heat it up too much... put your hand near where you're heating... if it's too hot for your hand, its too hot for the graphics.
Now install the shrouds (if the shroud is two decals, install the larger part first)
Install the left plate & then the right plate (it's the hardest one... all the others were practice for this moment)
Apply the airbox decals being sure to align any graphic elements to the sideplates.
Repeat the heatgun procedure wherever tight bends or stretching are required.

If it's misaligned or you get bubbles, just quickly pull back that area & continue the application.
After installation warm everything up with the heat gun while rubbing it down to ensure a secure bond.

View our installation video in the link below... pause if necessary.


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